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Printing process of non woven cloth bag with color printing

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:10:09
Gravure printing
The process is divided into two steps, that is, the traditional gravure printing process is used to print the graphic to the film, and then the film coated with the patterned film is combined on the non-woven fabric. Generally, the large-area color pattern printed non-woven bags are all processed by this technology. Its characteristics are exquisite printing, the whole process is produced by machine, and the production cycle is short. In addition, the product has excellent waterproof performance, and the durability of finished products is also better than that of non-woven bags produced by other technologies. The film has two options: bright and matte, matte and frosted. The product is fashionable, generous, durable, full color and vivid, and the disadvantage is that the price is slightly more expensive than the usual screen printing non-woven fabrics.
Heat transfer is a special type of printing in printing! The method requires intermediate medium, that is, first print the picture and text to the heat transfer film or heat transfer paper, then transfer the pattern to the non-woven fabric by heating the transfer device. In textile printing, the commonly used medium is thermal transfer film.  Its advantages are: printed beautifully, rich level editions, comparable to photos. It is suitable for small area color image printing. The drawback is that a long time, printing patterns are easy to fall off, and the price is high.
The thermal transfer non-woven fabric bag is a non-woven fabric bag with heat transfer printing technology.
Thermal transfer is a special process of printing on high precision printing paper by using heat transfer ink for any picture, such as landscape or character pattern, and then by heat and high pressure of the hot press to the fixed temperature to the surface of the non-woven fabric, and the vivid transfer of the color of the printed paper to the nonwoven cloth bag.
Production process
1, we need to create pictures with high resolution.
2, print the printed patterns on the thermal transfer paper through the thermal transfer printer, and print the patterns onto the nonwoven bags with the hot stamping machine 3.
1, the design is exquisite and lifelike, rich in layers, brightly coloured and reproducible, which can achieve the desired effect of the designer.
2, each color pattern is formed once, without the need of color.
3, the design has high covering rate, strong adhesion, breathability, no sticky, no crack, and no washing.
4, conform to the green environmental protection printing standard, no environmental pollution.
1. The printing process is simple. There is no need to make plate making, sun - plate, and duplication of color.
2, it can print high-precision pictures accurately, with color transition and realistic design.
1, technology is difficult. Printing pressure is difficult to control.
2, because of the need to use high-quality imported transfer paper and ink, the cost is relatively high, which is suitable for small area color printing of non-woven bags.