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Maintenance method of garment printing machine

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:08:42
Nowadays, people are very familiar with printed clothing, especially the T-shirts with personalized print patterns in summer, especially for young people. Moreover, because of the low cost and many tricks, T-shirts have attracted many young entrepreneurs. In addition to the creative ideas of the designers, the T-shirts with personalized prints are indispensable equipment to complete the product.
At present, our most common clothing printing machines include the following kinds of screen printing machines, cold transfer printing machines, heat transfer printing machines, and hot stamping machines. As the garment printing machine belongs to the category of special machine, it meets the requirements of small batch and variety of special machine, so the variety and specification of the garment printing machine may be tens to hundreds, and the angle of classification is different. According to the driving way of printing, we can have several classifications, such as pneumatic, hydraulic and computer. According to the printing way, there are roller printing machine and flat printing machine. In recent years, a cold transfer printing machine has been put into production by enterprise research and development. Now, the printing machine can be divided into heat transfer printing machine and cold transfer printing machine directly. The biggest difference is that the former is required and must be heated when printing, the latter is completely without temperature at work.
The maintenance of garment printing machine is also a part that we have to learn. The following contents Xiaobian will list the maintenance methods of the clothes printing machine. I hope you can learn how to maintain it after buying the appropriate printing machine.
The main maintenance of the garment printing machine is as follows:
First: the bottom wheel of the printing machine, when cleaning the table of the table glue, avoid the end glue to the end wheel. After cleaning, check whether there is adhesive platform glue on the bottom wheel, if there is a dry cloth to smear the sky, otherwise it will directly affect the precision of the printing.
Second: the air source processor on the garment printing machine needs to drain off the gas and drain for 2 times a day, the aerosol oil is adjusted to 4-5 drops per minute, and the gas is shut off when it comes to petrol.
Third: emergency stop switch. In the process of use, we should minimize the use of emergency stop switch on printing machine, and avoid emergency stop to affect the life of chain, drag chain and synchronous belt.
Fourth: optical axis (machine movement part), butter 2 times a week.
Fifth: joint head can be dripped butter (weekly / 10-20g), oil (1-2 drops, 3 days / time).