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The difference between the multi function heat transfer printer and the manual d

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:07:53
Printing has always been an indispensable element in fashion trends. The demand for printing machines in the garment industry is growing, and the demand for printing effect is not in the pursuit of a single stamp, but more in pursuit of personality fashion. The demand for printing quality is more detailed. The introduction of new heat transfer printing technology meets the demand of fashion and personality fashion printing. Because it does not need to make plate making, it is basically computer designed the same pattern and is loved by the customers. Then how to choose the heat transfer printer, we first look at the difference between the two machines.
One, machine size, speed, and price difference
Multi-function heat transfer printer
The size of the machine: 3.84*1.92*1.26m (long * width * high)
Printed area: the length of 0-2.5 meter is not limited
Price: 6-12 million yuan
Manual double station
Machine size: 2.3*0.7*1.6m
Printed area: 0.6*0.8M
Price: about 6800 yuan
Two. Application scope
Multi-function heat transfer printer
This machine is mainly used for cutting and rolling production