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How to determine the quality of the roller printing machine

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:07:02
How to judge the quality of the roller printing machine? Many customers can not believe the domestic products, are afraid, quality is not good, performance is unstable, that today's Hongcheng roller printing machine manufacturer's small editor in this discussion.
Judging the quality of drum printing machine includes the following points.
1. The function of environmental protection
Now many printing and dyeing industries, due to the process of printing, need to use water, the pollution of the environment is very large, and it is conducive to the long-term development, and the country is now promoting the various industries, turning to environmental printing, the roller printing machine is the first choice of the printing manufacturers.
2. Color fastness
Color fastness includes washing fastness, dry rubbing fastness, soaping fastness and so on. Color fastness is also an important criterion to measure the effect of printing. In beautiful printing, good color fastness is needed. The roller printing machine, color fastness at 3-4 level, can be preserved for a long time, water washing is not easy to drop color, and can be preserved for a long time.
3. The accessories for the core parts of the drum
A good roller directly affects the printing effect of the finished product, and the roller printing machine requires very high precision on the surface of the roller, the surface of the roller is not smooth, the thickness of the roller is not consistent, the quality of the finished product is directly caused, and the good manufacturer can achieve the extreme, the exquisite appearance, the accessories of the electric power of the screw, the shadow of the screw. The performance of the whole machine.
4, after sale guarantee
For electronic products, we must have a special after-sale service to solve all kinds of problems encountered in the production process of the roller printing machine, and to solve the mechanical problems in time, prevent the mechanical failure and affect the production of the machine.