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Selection of domestic and imported heat transfer printing machines

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:06:02
Due to the progress of science and technology and the maturity of manufacturing technology, the gap between heat transfer printing machine and imported machine is getting smaller and smaller. Enterprises choose the domestic heat transfer printing machine or imported heat transfer printing machine. We need to consider the following factors.
First, the cost factor. The price of imported heat transfer printing machine is higher than that of the similar domestic heat transfer printing machine because of the factors related to import and export taxes and freight.
Second, the key technology. The core part of heat transfer printing is basically imported because of its healthy parts. Therefore, the key equipment used is basically the same as heat transfer printing machine or transfer printing machine.
Third, after service. Whether domestic equipment or imported equipment, good after-sales service is one of the important factors to consider the heat transfer printing machine. Dealing with problems, eliminating the timeliness and effectiveness of failures directly determines the efficiency and cost of production.
When selecting the heat transfer printing machine, we should focus on the technological capabilities and sustainable development capabilities of the manufacturers. The main manifestations are as follows:
(1) how the manufacturer's R & D strength is. The manufacturers' R & D forces decide to choose the market competitiveness of the manufacturer, whether the equipment used can keep pace with the times, whether it can be upgraded, and whether it can have a new generation of products to meet the requirements of the future development.