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Thermal transfer printing machine and the machine and comparing the advantages a

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:05:15
Heat transfer printing machine is also called heat transfer printing. Thermal transfer printing is a new printing process. With the advantages of convenience, shortcut, dexterity and environmental protection, thermal transfer printing technology has made a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of textile and clothing printing and dyeing, which is favored by the clothing enterprises from all walks of life. And the scald machine is one of the heat transfer printing machines, which can be burned in cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and other fabrics, and can also be used for silk screen printing, mortar, foaming and other process heat treatment, suitable for making cultural shirts. The advantages and disadvantages of this period we summarizes the comparison of thermal transfer printing machine and the machine.
Heat transfer printing machine
Heat transfer printing machine is also called heat transfer printing. Thermal transfer is the product of the combination of traditional printing and computer digital. It overcomes the disadvantages of traditional printing, such as small batch, quick production, colorful and complex color, tedious process link and environmental protection. Hot transfer printing is not required to make plate, not to be subject to flower type, color restriction, one time molding, unlimited free style, simple operation and complete function. It is as simple as using a household printer. To a great extent, it makes up for the lack of water resources in the traditional printing and dyeing industry, the destruction of the environment and the high cost of small batch printing. The cost of equipment is high. At the same time, it also brings a strong blow to the development of traditional printing and dyeing industry.
Advantages: the printing step is simple, the position is accurate, the different color transition is natural, the printing pattern is free to realize the printing process of arbitrary flower type roller, the printing effect is realistic and fine, the printing cost is not needed to save the plate, and it is also suitable for the traditional printing of the circular, flat net and other traditional printing, but the cost is saved.
Disadvantages: printed cloth is limited (pure cotton, black or dark colored cloth can not be printed), but it can be designed as black pattern on white cloth transfer.
Heat Press Machine
The perm machine is one of the heat transfer printing machines. It can be burned in cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and other fabrics. It can also be used for silk screen printing, mortar, foaming and other process heat treatment. It is suitable for making cultural shirts and so on. The economy is practical and the pattern is exquisite.
The machine has three main concepts, namely pressure, temperature, time. Its working mechanism is that through the heating plate, with certain pressure, specific temperature and time, the layer and thermoset on the transfer paper can be fitted to the printed material or permeated to the printed material.
The core components of the machine is heating plate, so in the choice of the machine should focus on. The upper and lower plates should be aluminum and the heating pipes should be cast in the aluminum plate. As the upper plate is a slotted aluminum plate, and then with the heat pipe attached to the above, will cause unnecessary energy consumption, use up will be slow heating, constant temperature temperature difference and other shortcomings. If the bottom plate is iron plate or other materials, it will easily deform and become old when working in high temperature and high pressure for a long time. According to the different heating plate area, the upper and lower plates have weight standard. If too light or too thin, the heating plate will be easy to deform and affect the use. Generally speaking, the bigger the weight is, the more reliable the performance is. The machine on the plate under pressure, and the lower plate should be absolutely parallel. If the test and lower plate bite close, you can put a hard piece of paper or other flake with ductile material in four corners, then press the handle down. After the card is dead, the hard paper will be pulled out to know whether the upper and lower plates are smooth and the machine is qualified.
Advantages: no need for plate making, one printing, image realistic and image effect.
Disadvantages: hard handle, light color and breathability, but dark air.