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The importance of the printing machine for the epoch roller of environmental pri

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:03:07
In the environment of China's rapid economic development, the market development of the roller printing machine is booming, the new tricks of the roller printing process emerge in endlessly, and the scope of application is becoming more and more extensive, such as high quality polyester heat transfer printing, and so on, the users are more and more demanding on the printing machine.
In the current situation of more and more prosperity and development of the roller printing, the key is the quality of the roller. It is also the place where the foreign business businessmen emphasize the emphasis, and the higher research and development cost. It also causes the imported models to compare with the universal concept. Many domestic more well-known printing equipment manufacturers also make the roller precision as a strength. Selling points.
In the selection of the roller printing equipment, the user has a very high requirement for the color quality and expressiveness of the roller printing, because the quality of the color of the image can reflect the effect of the picture as a whole. Roller printing HCM-F4219 launch! The high recognition of customers at home and abroad, high precision mode, perfect display of picture quality, brand new card control system and industrial circuit control design to ensure the stability of the machine for a long time! The frame mechanism is fully upgraded, precision error can be controlled within 10 wires and many more. Industry leading configuration!
Roller printing is a coax of the situation, the exhibition is dazzling, the brand is complex, in 2016, when you buy the roller printing machine, we must see the purchase again.
It is also hoped that the roller printing machine manufacturers will work hard and develop together to let the roller printing out of the envelope circle. It is believed that the Chinese roller printing equipment will be the same as the imported equipment, which will dominate the Chinese market and cover the global market.