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What are the preparations before installing roller printing machine?

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:19:00
(1) we must confirm the location where the machine needs to be placed before the installation personnel arrive four hours, and confirm that the ground is flat and no debris.
(2) prepare the 380V power and installation wires (10 square wires) needed for installing the machine.
(3) make sure the forklift truck needed for unloading. If you want to go upstairs, book the crane well ahead of time, and confirm the crane purchase window ahead of time. If you want to open the window, please arrange it in advance.
(4) arrange 2-3 staff members to cooperate with our installers.
(5) notify the machine operator or master in advance for training and safety matters training of our installation personnel, and earnestly study during training.