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How to deal with the sudden failure of the roller printing machine?

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:17:55
In the process of operation or operation of roller printing machine, if there is a sudden failure, a simple repair method should be adopted to make it reliable in operation or function. In a printing factory, a roller printing machine found that the effect of the finished product was not distinct in the process of transfer printing. After the inspection, it was found that the improper hair or the concentration of paste was found. What are the common faults of drum printing machine? How do we deal with it again?
Printing: the printing pulp is made of friction pulp before drying.
The splash color printing paste is unstable: in fabric, but inverted or fabric splashing, splashing color or color.
Parking printing: printing presses stop in printing process, because then start up, resulting in fabric color.
Fuzzy pattern: the pattern edge is not smooth, the line is not clear, most often by singeing or improper paste concentration caused by inappropriate.
No flowers: due to the inconsistency between the vertical arrangement of printing cylinders or screens, it leads to inaccurate counterpoint and flower patterns. This defect is no or pattern shift register.
Partial embrittlement: in brittle printed fabric, the color is often damaged in one or more places, usually due to excessive use of chemical substances in the printing paste. Discharge printing of fabric printed parts can also be found on this issue.