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Why the drum printing machine market is getting better and better?

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:17:13
In the era of popular innovation, the hot transfer industry, as a member of the digital printing industry, has become the first choice for many venture investors. Why is the digital printing industry popular with investors in recent years? Main factors:
1, the demand of personalized printing is strong. The printing effect of traditional clothing can not meet the needs of consumers.
2, the introduction of the national environmental policy, the traditional printing is not environmentally friendly, which makes the traditional printing businesses have invested in the ranks of digital printing.
3, digital printing technology is relatively simple, and saves money in production.
4, compared with traditional printing, the profit of digital printing is very obvious.
Roller printing machine as a digital heat transfer printing equipment, roller printing machine in the production efficiency and operation is more simple, the quality of production is more popular with people.