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Some details of ribbon printing machine in operation process.

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:19:42
Ribbon printing machine is a new type of equipment developed in the field of domestic printing. It is suitable for the application range: the printing of the products such as ribbon, mobile phone rope, guardrail belt, belt, elastic belt, shoulder strap, gift belt, pet belt and so on. The printing efficiency of the new multifunctional ribbon loom will be higher and higher. Therefore, providing the efficiency of ribbon printing machine is also a way to save production cost. What should we pay attention to when we run the ribbon conveyor correctly?
First, the ribbon printing machine will be located in the process of operation, the functional section of the upper and lower transport has no obstacles, so it is very helpful to the integrity of the printing. Of course, after printing machine runs in a variety of ways, it is found that the technical superiority of the printing machine will be more prominent.
Secondly, when transferring double sided ribbon printing, the ribbon must be pulled in and leveled. In order to avoid wrinkling in the process of transferring the ribbon, the printing counterpoint is not accurate.
The efficiency of ribbon printing machine is still very high in terms of transfer printing, and there is no difference in chromatic aberration between them. Therefore, after introducing the first class printing equipment in the ribbon factory, the efficiency and chromatic aberration effect in printing is still worth recognizing. With the individuation of the ribbon printing, the sales of the ribbon printing machine equipment in the market are becoming more and more big, and it will be more unique in the process of use. After mastering the technical features and features, the effect is better in the operation process.