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2018-04-04 Characteristics of nylon heat transfer printing fabric

Heat transfer printing has been applied to all kinds of textile fabrics very early Because of the high thermopl ...

2018-04-04 The introduction of the heat transfer control of the printing head of the inkjet

Now, the printing head structure of inkjet printers, including photo machines, must be more widely used in microm ...

2018-04-04 Green environment-friendly faction in heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing technology is a major breakthrough in textile printing technology The technology integrates ...

2018-04-04 How to distinguish the quality of the blanket?

The blanket is generally divided into coarse wool textile, wool blankets and blended blankets Wool blankets Wool ...

2018-04-04 What is heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing for short heat transferThe principle of heat transfer printing is similar to the technology ...

2018-04-04 What preparations should the customer do before installing the door?

1 before our installers reach four hours, we must confirm the position of the machine to be placed and confirm ...

2018-04-04 Advantages and disadvantages of elastic cotton fabric

The current fashion trend can not be done without our elastic cotton fabric, many people like elastic cotton fab ...

2018-04-04 How many different kinds are there in the printing machine?

Roller printing machine, flat screen printing machine, flags printing machine...