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Characteristics of nylon heat transfer printing fabric

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:02:00
Heat transfer printing has been applied to all kinds of textile fabrics very early. Because of the high thermoplasticity of polyester fiber and low thermal plasticity of nylon fiber, nylon fiber is difficult to color. The heat transfer printing was mainly used in polyester fabric. The heat transfer printing mainly used disperse dyes. Through high temperature and pressure, the ink in the paper was sublimated into the fabric. The polyester fabric after printing was colorful and durable. Nylon fiber because of low thermal plasticity, most manufacturers use acid dyes, through screen printing process, nylon fabric color, but silk screen printed nylon fabric, soap color fastness, wash color fastness, sun color fastness, sweat stain color fastness and so on, always unsatisfactory, can not break through the grade. The breakthrough point of color fastness of nylon printing fabric has always been a difficult problem in textile industry. Now, through a series of development tests have been put into production, the nylon heat transfer printing process has been basically stable, in the application of fabric, also from the D nylon spun to nylon Oxford fabric can be produced. In addition, this process has the following characteristics
1 in transfer printing fabric (cloth) pattern has the characteristics of flower pattern vivid, detailed, clear, strong sense of three-dimensional. Transfer printing can print natural scenery and artistic patterns.
2 in transfer printing without postprocessing to the packaging factory, has a short production cycle, high production efficiency. Exergy
3 in transfer printing fabric (cloth) does not exist the problem of environmental pollution. Due to the dry processing, without washing, steaming and drying, no waste gas and waste discharge