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How to distinguish the quality of the blanket?

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 08:58:37
The blanket is generally divided into coarse wool textile, wool blankets and blended blankets.
Wool blankets. Wool blankets are mostly made of wool, its quality, can be judged from the following three aspects.
To feel crisp and soft, and elastic, as long as it can be identified by touch.
The fluffiness of the suede is not rigid, and the fluff is not loose. The fuzz on the surface of the blanket is neat and clear, Mao Bo is clear. Hair must be thin and dense undercoat, do not make the cloth exposed, if the hair raising bad, there will be open at the end of villi. Such blankets will affect the appearance quality and reduce the thermal performance, so we should pay special attention to them.
Besides, let's see if the whole blanket is soft. Whether the color is beautiful and generous, there is no old sense. It's better to see the edges of blankets, as long as the color matching is coordinated, flat, straight and neat, without broken edges or bent edges.
Blended woolen blanket. Blended woolen blanket is made of pure wool and chemical fiber, with the characteristics of pure blanket and acrylic blanket. Its cold proof, warmth, softness and comfort are generally superior to acrylic blankets. The price is cheaper than pure blankets, and there are blended jacquard blankets, blended woolen blankets, blended woolen blankets and so on. Its quality features:
Appearance: less defects, physical quality is close to pure woolen blanket, carpet surface is rich, elastic, soft and firm, while the Tao is, qi.
Hand feel: no hair is lost when it is grasped by hand, and it is elastic after pressing.
The proportion of raw materials: the gross wool content accords with the national quality standard. When burning method is used to identify, there is the smell of burning hair, the ash is mostly carbon ash and little coke. When friction is used, electricity is little or even static.
Trademark: the content of the trademark is complete and the embroidery is fine.
A simple identification method is introduced. The simple way to identify the components of carpet fabric is combustion. The practice is to rub a little carpet down on the surface of the blanket, ignite it with fire, observe the state of the burning flame, smell the yarn after the burning of the cloth, and see the remainder after the burning, so as to judge whether the composition of the fabric on the durable label of the blanket is in conformity to the authenticity of the blankets.
Cotton fiber and ramie fiber is just near the flame is burning, burning, flame yellow, blue smoke. The difference between the two smells and the burning ashes is that the cotton burns out the paper smell, and the flax burning out the smell of wood ash; after burning, the cotton has very little powder ash, black or gray, and the hemp produces a small amount of ash and white ash. The burning point of silk is very low, and it goes out soon after the burning, and the smoke is white, with the protein coke made from the feathers. The end of the burning ash is crisp and fragile, and the hand is made into powder; the chemical fiber burns black smoke and stimulates the smell, and the dust is dark and hand, with the first 3 distinct differences.