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Exported drawer type pneumatic press machine GS-QD1-1 single station

  • Product Name:Exported drawer type pneumatic press machine GS-QD1-1 single station
    Release date:2018-04-03 15:02:04
    Introduction: Dongguan Gaoshang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional modern machinery and equipment enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales into one Corporate technology cooperation. Product quality has reached the level of international standards
  • Tel:400-6556-156
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Detailed description
Export pull type pneumatic single station machine
Model: GS-QD1-1 

The pneumatic single station hot drawing machine can transfer the color patterns and words of sublimation and solvent ink to cotton, hemp, chemical fiber, nylon and other fabrics and ceramic products. It also can be used for heat treatment, such as hair burning and foaming printing, and the bonding of low temperature and low pressure lining with the fabric, such as clothing, shoes and hats, etc., and also for the production of small batch handkerchiefs.

The characteristics of the product
Electronic digital display has constant temperature control and high accuracy, (+ 2 c).
The imported aluminum alloy is used for heating, and the heat conduction principle is adopted, which saves electricity, temperature is uniform and temperature coefficient is small.
Electronic digital time control, high accuracy and beautiful.
Pressure random adjustment

Technical parameters
Power: 2000-3500W
Voltage: 220/110V
Temperature range: 0-399 degrees centigrade
Time range: 0--999s
Printing area: 38*38 CM 40*50 CM 40*60 CM

Operation steps
1, connect the compressor connector, open the air pressure, adjust the pressure regulator 6 to (4pB-6pB), and make the heating plate rise.

2, connect the compressor connector, open the barometric pressure, modulate the pressure gauge (4pB-6pB), and raise the heating plate.

3, power up, turn on the main switch, and the indicator will light up.

4, adjust the time and temperature required. (for details see the last page.)

5, after adjusting the temperature and time, wait for the machine to heat up.

6. After the temperature is finished, the thermometer will light a small green light.
7, the clothes are placed on the silica gel pad, then put on the blanching paper, and (pay attention to the opposite side of the drawing paper) to push the 12 table to the hot press position, press the start switch, press the articles flat, put the hot drawing paper, then put the high temperature cloth, press the start switch, the stamping start, the time reverse.
8, at the end, the buzzer rings. The heating plate is automatically raised and pulled out of the working table.
9. The perm. If the hot tear paper is cold, please wait 5-10 seconds to tear up the hot paper. If it is the hot tear hot paper, if the hot stamping is finished, please tear the ironing paper immediately.
10, after successful printing, you can turn the button to the semi-automatic stop. When hot stamping is placed, hot stamping will start automatically if the mobile handle is above the hot stamping object. You can press the button to stop in emergency.

Maintenance items
1, pressure: not uniform enough, first use a ruler to measure the distance from the four sides of the plate. If not, we can adjust the "lower" nut of the four wire rod in the center of the heating plate. The pressure is too large or too small (usually 4KG-6KG), adjusting the regulating valve on the "+" direction, increasing pressure, "-" to reduce pressure, or to check the pressure of the air compressor is normal (usually the air compressor pressure is 6KG-8KG).
2, time: when the floor is in place, do not show time, check the close switch, whether the distance is moderate, should be adjusted to less than 4 millimeters, time to, the heating board does not come down, check the circuit.
3, temperature: turn to set temperature, do not heat up, do not control temperature, check the temperature control table, contact, heating plate line is good contact and electrical original fault.

The whole machine must have a suitable ground to protect the ground

The successful hot stamping needs the correct time, temperature and pressure, the thickness of the clothes and the material and the various kinds of drawing paper affect the effect of stamping. All kinds of scald paper should be tried to burn the sample, so it can be produced in mass.

The temperature and time required for stamping are as follows:
Cotton clothes: 180-220 degrees, 25 seconds
Polyester clothing: 180 degrees, 15 seconds
Pearlite: 180 degrees, 120--180 seconds
Metal pendant: 180 degrees, 60 seconds
Mouse pad: 180 degrees, 15 seconds
Porcelain: 200 degrees, 180 seconds
Key button: 180 degrees, 100 seconds

Ceramics: 180-220 degrees, 180 seconds

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