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Large mouse pad, banner sublimation transfer printing machine GS-SH8010

  • Product Name:Large mouse pad, banner sublimation transfer printing machine GS-SH8010
    Release date:2018-04-03 14:59:51
    Introduction: Dongguan Gaoshang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional modern machinery and equipment enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales into one Corporate technology cooperation. Product quality has reached the level of international standards
  • Tel:400-6556-156
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Product introduction
This product is especially suitable for printing of large size cloth, large type of billboard and cutting printing, and ceramic, glass, metal plate, decorative building materials and other process printing. The workbench is designed by pulling frame, laying high temperature resistant mesh cloth. It works effortless and effortless, and has beautiful appearance. The digital microprocessor controller ensures the accuracy of time and temperature. Product characteristics (this machine is suitable for factory batch production):
1., uniform heating and large working area. It is suitable for large-area hot stamping.
2. working table frame adopts drawing design, working table surface adopts high temperature resistant net cloth, and the design style of the old model using heavy iron plate makes the operation more light and labor-saving.
3. the heating plate and the base worktable are all cast aluminum parts, which ensures the uniformity and stability of hot stamping pressure and temperature.
4., imported original parts, automatic limit, safety, reliability, high accuracy and long service life.
5., the digital microprocessor controller controls the temperature and time accurately, and completes the signal indication.
6., the pressure is adjusted at random, the bottom plate is equipped with high temperature resistant cotton and imported wool blanket, which has wide range of hot stamping.
7., it can be freely converted in manual and automatic operation, and the efficiency is high.
Technical parameters:
Voltage 220V/380V
Power 9Kw 12Kw 12Kw 15Kw
Temperature range 0-399 degree C
Time range 0-999Sec
The working pressure of 8kg/C square meters
Cylinder stroke distance: 125cm /150cm /200cm
Weight 550Kg 650kg 820Kg 1000kg
Packing size 143*121*145 (CM) 143*121*145 (CM) 160*164*184 (CM) 170*200*184 (CM).
The working dimensions are 80*80cm, 80*100cm, 100*120cm and 110*160cm.



GS-SH8010 (2)









Purchase notice
1. The originals of the manufacturer
The machines sold in our factory are all new machines, which do not recycle or sell second-hand machines. If you need any second-hand low-cost machine, please contact other companies.
2. On machine stocking period
Because the machine type, voltage and color are quite numerous. The stock is also changing every day. Please confirm the inventory or production time with us before placing the order.
3. On the color of the machine
The conventional color of the machine is blue, red, and white. If you want other colors, you can customize it.
4. On the time of online service and visit to the factory
Every Monday to Saturday (except for legal holidays), at 8 a. m. at ~12 a.m. and at 1:30 p.m. at ~5:30., the customers who need to visit the factory please confirm with us in advance so as not to run in a white run.
5. About after sale
All the machines purchased directly from our factory have a one year warranty. In the warranty period, because of machine failure caused by machine quality, only the fault picture or video is provided to our technicians to judge what parts are bad and the bad accessories can be sent back free of charge. Over the warranty period, or due to logistics, human factors, and other non - quality problems caused by the failure, we will charge a small amount of maintenance and spare parts cost.
6. On delivery
Because the weight and size of different types of machines are quite different. All our quotations are free from tax. After the machine is ready, the customer can choose express or logistics by himself or at least 1 days notice to arrange shipment for us.
Contact information:
Ali Wangwang: noble machinery 1688
Phone: +86 (0) 76986866158
Fax: +86 (0) 76985623986
Cell phone: 13713222730
Address: Tea Road Guangdong city of Dongguan Province


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