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What should the roller printing machine pay attention to when it is hot stamping

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:14:05
The technology of roller printing machine is used early in the heat transfer printing of fabric. With the rapid development of high technology and personalized dress pattern printing, the roller printing machine has sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain. All kinds of multifunctional roller printing machines are entering the market.
The work of the roller printing machine is very simple. Its process is to print on the ordinary paper or the high precision printing paper by hot sublimation by hot sublimation, and then heat transfer the corresponding heat transfer equipment to a certain temperature in a few minutes, and turn the color of the image on the paper to a realistic turn. Print to a special process of porcelain, porcelain, porcelain, clothing, metal and other materials.
What should we pay attention to when roller printing machine is hot stamping? Generally speaking, we should pay attention to four aspects.
1., transfer the paper to the desired position with patterned face.
2. use an iron or a transfer machine for a few seconds.
3. when hot silk stockings are applied, silicone oil paper should be added to the substrate to prevent infiltration of hot melt adhesive.
4. tear off the bottom paper (three methods).
Cool off: tear off the paper slowly after complete cooling.
Heat off: tear off the paper immediately while the heat is hot.
Warm off: take a few seconds and tore out the bottom paper when it's warm.