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Discussion on the requirements for the transfer fabric of the roller printing ma

Article Source:Popularity: Posted:2018-04-04 09:12:24
Now the market on the hot sublimation and transfer equipment is more, the production is small, most can be used hot transfer printing machine to solve. For small batch, small heat transfer printing machine is more flexible. However, for large quantities of cloth printing, roller printing machine is the best choice.
The roller printing machine also has a certain requirement for the transfer fabric. The roller printing machine has the best effect on the pure polyester fabric. The polyester cotton blended fabric is not colored by the disperse dyes, and the color is lighter than the pure polyester fabric. The large flower shape of the block face and the "snow" (white) phenomenon. The pure nylon fabric can also transfer printing, but the yield is low, wet treatment fastness. The transfer printing method consumed 2 times the length of the fabric, the waste paper and the post Indo dye dye difficult to recover, and it was difficult to print the dark color, so it was used in some fabrics, such as deformable silk fabric and knitted fabric for local printing, and some decorative prints.