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Grill machine 01

  • Product Name:Grill machine 01
    Release date:2018-04-03 15:04:09
    Introduction: Dongguan Gaoshang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional modern machinery and equipment enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales into one Corporate technology cooperation. Product quality has reached the level of international standards
  • Tel:400-6556-156
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The process of the grill machine:
After entering the image or picture into the computer, the pattern paper can be hit through a color printer, then the paper is pressed on the porcelain plate that you need to transfer, and then placed on the electronic automatic grill machine. After 2 to 3 minutes, the electronic automatic baking tray will automatically alarm, cut off the power automatically and remove the printed material and remove the pattern paper, that is, the image is printed with the same color as the original color. It's very simple, without basic computer knowledge.
Porcelain plate has very high artistic value, easy to watch, also can be reserved for a long time, especially for children, old people's birthday memo, wedding lovers Memorial. Plate is an indispensable thing in daily life. Using a grill machine can make various patterns on the plate and make ordinary daily necessities increase ornamental and artistic. There are people's plates, wedding commemorative plates, baby birth commemorative plates and so on. For a long time, the use of a gift is a gift for a long time. It takes only 2-4 minutes to make a single porcelain plate with a grill machine. The image plate includes white edge and lace, and there are different sizes to satisfy your needs and adapt to the different character of you!
Product features
Electronic digital temperature display, automatic constant temperature, no need to place the cup, directly heating up.
High temperature and thickening silicone pad makes baking printing pressure more uniform and 400 degrees without deformation.
Automatic time control;
The pressure adjustment is convenient.
Beautiful structure
Operation process
O put silicone pad on the work table, close the pressure handle (adjust the pressure is moderate), plug in the power, turn on the total power switch (red), and the indicator light is on.
O adjusts the left temperature controller to the required temperature (180 degrees), and the heating time is about 1-2 minutes.
O when the temperature reaches the set point, the machine will enter the thermostatic state automatically.
O adjust the dialing code on the right timer to 20~40 time.
O adjustment pressure is at the bottom of the cushion, can adjust the pressure through the direction and reverse direction, pressure adjusted, then open the pressure handle, then put the picture plate on the printing table, close the pressure handle, set the transfer time 30 seconds, the temperature reached 180 degrees after the press green button;
O when the time reaches the set point, the buzzer rings, the heating pad stops heating, and the total power switch is turned off. When the pressure handle is opened, the porcelain disk is removed.
Adjustment and maintenance
O pressure: adjust the ejector rod on the pressure handle to increase or decrease the pressure.
O time: adjust the left timer knob and adjust it to the right time (20-40 seconds).
O temperature: adjust the right temperature adjustment button to the appropriate temperature (180-200 degrees).
When o is in mass operation, it will stop working once in 60 minutes or two minutes.
O is applied to a power supply with a grounding device
O, when the machine is not used, it must put in the cup and the pressure handle to protect the printing pad.
- operation:
1, put a good silica gel pad on the pad, close the pressure handle (adjust the pressure moderate), plug the power supply, open the total power switch (red), indicate the light. Notice: the whole machine must have a suitable and reliable protection ground!!!!
2, adjust the dial up code on the thermostat to the required temperature (180 -220, c), and the heating time is about 1-2 minutes.
3, adjust the dialing code on the timer to the appropriate time (120-180 seconds).
4, when the temperature reaches the set point, the machine will enter the isothermal state automatically.
5, open the pressure handle, and then put a picture of the porcelain plate on the printing table (the size of the image page must be larger than the size of the bake pad, to prevent the surface of the porcelain plate to be burnt and prevent the emergence of indentation), combined with the pressure handle rocker, the timer zero;
6, when the time reaches the set value, the buzzer rings, the heating pad stops heating and closes the total power switch. Then the pressure handle is opened and the porcelain plate is removed. (after taking out, it must be immersed in cold water to prevent the ink to continue to spread) and dry.
Attention: * this machine must turn off the power when it is not in use, and press down the pressure handle at the same time. If the pressure is not too large, it can maintain its smoothness.
* * the machine must press the left red button after opening the power switch, so that the timer is cleared.
Pressure: rotating the printing pad, adjusting its upper and lower position to increase or decrease pressure.
Time: adjust the dialing code on the timer to the appropriate time (120-180 seconds minute).
Temperature: adjust the dial up code on the thermostat to the appropriate temperature (180 -220 C).
Attention: when working in mass production, work for 60 minutes or so to stop the equipment once (two minutes).
In a few minutes, the grill machine can make color patterns, portrait photos, company LOGO and so on on the ceramic plate in a few minutes. The image is clear, delicate and bright in color. It is not the same as the photo.
1, temperature display, automatic constant temperature;
2, high temperature silicone pad to make printing pressure more uniform, and 250 degrees without deformation.
3. Automatic time control;
4, the pressure adjustment is convenient.
Technical parameters:
Voltage: 220V power: 350W temperature range: 0-360 C.
Time control: 30-600 seconds
Note: when the machine is not in use, it must turn off the power and press the pressure handle at the same time.
Hold it flat.)
* * this machine needs to press the left green button after opening the power switch, so that the timer is cleared.
Operation description
1. set the first time in the upper left corner for 4~6 minutes.
2. will transfer pattern paper to porcelain tape on both sides to prevent movement.
The 3. dish into the oven. Pressing machine (pressure adjustment in the platform).
4., set the temperature on the upper right corner at 180 degrees. Wait for a minute after the red light goes out, then set the temperature at 230 degrees.
Automatic alarm and automatic cut-off display of the temperature and power supply is completed.

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