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GS-SD3801 body of ordinary flat plate machine

  • Product Name:GS-SD3801 body of ordinary flat plate machine
    Release date:2018-04-03 15:00:52
    Introduction: Dongguan Gaoshang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional modern machinery and equipment enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales into one Corporate technology cooperation. Product quality has reached the level of international standards
  • Tel:400-6556-156
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Introduction of equipment:
Device name: ordinary tablet machine
Device number: GS-SD3801
> > product features:
* digital time display, electronic pointer time controller, high accuracy.
* heating tube and heating plate are integrated into one, which is safe and durable, and the heat distribution is uniform.
* electronic time control, the process completes signal instructions.
* the pressure is adjusted at will.
The floor is equipped with high quality high temperature foam silica gel.
> > technical parameters:
Voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 2200W 2800W 3500W
Temperature range: 0-399 degrees centigrade
Time control: 0-60sec
Work size: 38*38 40*50 40*60cm
Package size: 73*48*43.5cm 83*61*43.5cm 81*71*44.5cm.
Weight: 25kg 30kg 36kg
"Product use:
Plate scald machine can burn all kinds of scald and scald through heat transfer on cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and other fabrics. It also can be used for silk screen printing, mortar, foaming and other process heat treatment. It can also roast color color, portrait, scenery and so on on the porcelain plate and the metal plate, especially for the medals and commemorative cards.
> > must read before using:
(1) a safe grounding wire is used to determine the operation.
(2) check the voltage before use. Turn off the machine and cut off the power.
(3) when you use it, avoid air heating too long. Please cut off the power when you don't use it. You can also put a scrap product on the machine worktable to avoid air heating.
(4) when you operate the machine, avoid touching the pressure spring to avoid injury.
(5) when you press the handle with strength, if you feel the pressure is too big, and it is difficult to press down, please adjust the pressure adjustment knob to reduce the contraction of the spring, otherwise the strength of the machine will be damaged.
(6) even if the machine is not in use, do not let children approach the machine.