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European roast cap GS-SD815C

  • Product Name:European roast cap GS-SD815C
    Release date:2018-04-03 15:03:33
    Introduction: Dongguan Gaoshang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional modern machinery and equipment enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales into one Corporate technology cooperation. Product quality has reached the level of international standards
  • Tel:400-6556-156
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[functional description]
Through this machine, you can bake any color, color, photo, landscape and personalized pattern on the hat. It is suitable for advertising, gifts, publicity, personalized items and other industries.
[main performance parameters]
Voltage: 220V 110V
Time control range: 0-999SEC
Rated power: 550W
Temperature control range: 0-399 degrees centigrade
Work size: 8*14 CM
Shape size: 15*22*60CM
Whole machine weight: 22KG
[the features of this machine]
1. digital temperature and time dual display, more user-friendly design, operation more convenient and quick;
The microcomputer controls the constant temperature time;
2. the pressure adjustment is convenient.
3. equipped with platinum thermal resistor, the temperature error is + 3 C.
4. appearance is fashionable and beautiful, and it is convenient to carry.
Operation process
1, put a good silica gel pad on the pad, close the pressure handle (adjust the pressure is moderate), plug the power supply, open the total power switch (red), indicate the light. Notice: the whole machine must have a suitable and reliable protective ground line!
2, adjust the dial up code on the thermostat to the required temperature (180 -220, c), and the heating time is about 1-2 minutes.
3, adjust the dialing code on the timer to the appropriate time.
4, when the temperature reaches the set point, the machine will enter the isothermal state automatically.
5, open the pressure handle, and then put a picture of the hat on the printing table (the image page size must be larger than the size of the roast pad, to prevent the surface is burnt and prevent the emergence of indentation), combined with the pressure handle rocker, the timer zero;
6, when the time reaches the set point, the buzzer rings, the heating pad stops heating, and the total power switch is turned off. Then open the pressure handle and take off the hat. After that, it must be cooled to prevent the ink from spreading.
Attention: * this machine must turn off the power when it is not in use, and press down the pressure handle at the same time. If the pressure is not too large, it can maintain its smoothness.
* * the machine must press the left red button after opening the power switch, so that the timer is cleared.
Pressure: rotary table, adjust its upper and lower positions to increase or reduce pressure; time: adjust the dial code on the timer to the appropriate time (120-180 seconds); temperature: adjust the dial code on the thermostat, to the appropriate temperature (180 -220 C).
Attention: when working in mass production, work for 60 minutes or so to stop the equipment once a minute (two minutes).


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